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Switch Miner - Cisco Switch Miner for Win32

Version 2.75 (21 March 2008) By Billy Yawn - yawnb@triad.rr.com

Usage: sm.exe -s [switch agent] (The switch to poll)

-c [switch community] (The switch's community string)

-r [router agent] (The router for this switch, this is needed for IP addresses)

-e [router community] (The router's community string)

[optional options]

-v [snmp version] 1 or 2 - default value is 2 (Older switches may not support version 2, try version 1 if all else fails)

-x [retries] - default value is 3 (Times to retry, if you have a slow of congested network you may raise this)

-t [timeout] - default value is 6s (Time to wait before timeout occurs, if you have a slow or congested network you may raise this)

-m [max_repetitions] - maximum repetitions for getbulk - default is 40 (This only applies to version 2 SNMP, this is the number of records to be returned on 1 call)

-n Don't consolidate CDP Neighbor switch ports (For ports that contain CDP neighbors we do not show the MAC addresses. If you want to see all the MAC's for all ports turn this on.)

-l walk CDP neighbors (If a CDP neighbor exist on a port and it's a switch this option will scan it also.)

-y output .csv file format (If you don't like excel)

-p perform ping sweep before switch walk (More accurate results)

-f [filename] - read switch list from file (Read switch list from file)

-o [filename] - output filename

-d turn debug on

-h print this message

Example: sm -s switch1 -c public -r router1 -e private

sm -s switch1 -c public -r router1 -e private -v1 -n -d

sm -s switch2 -c public -r router2 -e public -l

sm -f switch_list.txt -c public -r router1 -e public

Copyright © 2008 Billy Yawn