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SwitchMiner 4.0.0 Released!


Switch Miner GUI 4.00 released! A Win32 GUI version of the product.


You can now specify only a switch if you have no router. Added capabilities to search for a mac address only by using the --search option. You can now have multiple routers either on the command line or in a text file if you have multiple L3 gateways for a switch.

Switch Miner Features

What Does Switch Miner Discover?

  • Interface Name/Description/Operational Status
  • Speed and Duplex (Operational/Admin)
  • Interface MTU
  • VLAN Number (Data/Voice)
  • VLAN Name (Data/Voice)
  • MAC Addresses
  • IP Addresses
  • DNS/NBT Computer Names
  • User Info
  • Domain Info
  • OUI Manufacturer
  • Interface Errors
  • CDP Neighbor Info

End to End Mapping

  • Maps Switch Ports to the Physical Location of the Device.
  • Automatically retrieve CDP Neighbor details.
  • Retrieves and displays the IP Addresses/Names of systems.
  • Displays all the MAC Addresses connected to a port, like computers, IP Phones, etc.


  • Scan single switches or batches through a text file.
  • Scan multiple switches simultaneously.
  • Automatically discover and scan connected switches.