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SwitchMiner 3.1.0 Released!


You can now specify only a switch if you have no router. Added capabilities to search for a mac address only by using the --search option. You can now have multiple routers either on the command line or in a text file if you have multiple L3 gateways for a switch.


Completely re written from the ground up, now multi threaded. It can scan multiple switches in a fraction of the time of the old versions. Has support to do WMI scans of endpoints to collect more information. See the sample sm.conf file.

Switch Miner Features

What Does Switch Miner Discover?

  • Interface Name/Description/Operational Status
  • Speed and Duplex (Operational/Admin)
  • Interface MTU
  • VLAN Number (Data/Voice)
  • VLAN Name (Data/Voice)
  • MAC Addresses
  • IP Addresses
  • DNS/NBT Computer Names
  • User Info
  • Domain Info
  • OUI Manufacturer
  • Interface Errors
  • CDP Neighbor Info

End to End Mapping

  • Maps Switch Ports to the Physical Location of the Device.
  • Automatically retrieve CDP Neighbor details.
  • Retrieves and displays the IP Addresses/Names of systems.
  • Displays all the MAC Addresses connected to a port, like computers, IP Phones, etc.


  • Scan single switches or batches through a text file.
  • Scan multiple switches simultaneously.
  • Automatically discover and scan connected switches.